Movies Special Effects
movies special effects
The Team
Our team consists of specialists in various sectors. Part of our crew are designers, artists, engineers, pyrotechnics, specialists in the construction of pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical effects ... The imaginative and different perspective on vision is what make us a TEAM.
Servise Overview
We have our own SFX Workshop like a production base and place for tests.

We can offer you everything that you are calling Special effects (smoke, rain, wind, fog, mechanical, water and pyro effects), also winter effects and artificial snow:

  • Smoke heavy smoke, atmosphere smoke or just haze. Suitable for interior and exterior shooting / photography, photo sessions, events;
  • Rain puddles, wet down, rain in different areas, storm. Mainly the rain can be organized on open areas. But with proper prep and/or choice of location we can provide you rain in every interior also;
  • Wind - we have the biggest collection of fans in Bulgaria with which we can turn every breath of your imagination into reality. From fans with the power of storm, to fans carelessly waving models hair. Suitable for interior and exterior shooting / photography, photo sessions, events;
  • Snow falling snow, snow on the floor, windows, trees etc., icicles, snow balls, snowman, frosted windows etc. Everything that you think when you hear the word snowexcept the cold. Our snow is made of pure cellulose, absolutely degradable and harmless. We can Snow at any time of the year and any location. Nitro Media offers a wide range of products from the English company Snow Business;
  • Mechanical effects everything we have in this part is updated constantly. Because all mechanical effects are created for specific and special product according to the client needs. Part of them are multipurpose, like ratchets for car crashes, air canons, turn tables (the biggest one we have can turn 3000 kg.), gimbal (with load capacity 3500 kg.). We have a big collection of machines suitable for product shootings (breaking drops in each other, etc.);
  • Water effects - waves, storms, whirlpools, floods. We have different types of water pumps and systems. We have in stock our own pool, suitable for shootings in/with water. Its portable and its able to be designed and build according to the client needs (sizes). Because of the massive and heavy construction, we can build a set ON or INCIDE the pool. To simulate storm or floods also;
  • Pyro effects squibs, fireworks, torches, fire effects (fireplace, campfire, fire rings, letters and objects). Our Company has a design group, storage for explosive and all needed permissions for the use of explosives;
  • Special props manufactured of all types rubber weapons and knifes; sugar glass bottles and glasses. We can make a double of every object, called small props. According to his specific the product can be breakable, rubber or plastic;
  • Artificial blood our Company is producing artificial blood, suitable for all type of shooting and events. Absolutely harmless and cleanse of any kind of fabric;
  • Food styling Nitro Media has an experience in styling and processing of the foods and drinks, makes them long-lasting and appetizing products suitable for shootings.
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