Movies Special Effects
movies special effects
Snow Business
Nitro Media offer a wide range of Snow Business products in Bulgaria.

winter effects and artificial snowmaking

World - famous leader in winter effects and artificial snowmaking.

Snow Business has made the winter special effects for world’s biggest film productions such as - “Clash of the Titans”, “Sherlock Holmes”, “Pirates of the Caribbean”, “Robin Hood”, “Star Trek”, “The day after tomorrow”, “The Chronicles of Narnia”, “Gladiator” and many more.

Nitro Media, as a long term supplier of Snow Business products, offers to the bulgarian customers a great portfolio of winter effects, filled with high quality technology and materials:

  • Thematic interior design
  • Recreation of a winter scenery
  • Snow effects for fashion shows
  • Recreation of a winter scenery with icicles for commercial photo shoots, filmmaking and commercials
  • Complete thematic winter design for show windows
  • Recreation of thematic winter scene at shopping malls

Okolovrasten pat 371
1186, Sofia, Bulgaria


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